Samy Katompa Tshileu (born on October 3rd, 1998) is a Congolese writer, humanitarian, and political entrepreneur. He left his home nation of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to come to the United States of America at the age of 15 with a desire to receive a quality education. Tshileu is on the mission of spreading positivity and joy to all ages. He utilizes his God-given gives and talents to make a difference. 

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Plymouth State University 


Université de bourgogne 


Coker University 


Portsmouth Christian Academy 

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Tshileu was born in the village of Kakona in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He grew up as the second child and the only male in his family in the village of Bakwa-Tshileu. While growing up, he never saw his father, and her mother was never in his life. After his dad died when he was an infant, his mother remarried and had a lot of children. Tshileu was cared for by his single grandmother from his maternal side. In his youth, life was difficult, but Tshileu always strove to find a positive way forward. In his own word, “Growing up in a place where everyday life is so hard, makes you dream of how you can overcome that sort of life. The experiences that I had back home taught me to dream big and achieve more, to help shape communities for good. It challenged me to step out of my comfort zone to find a positive way forward or a better way out of these conditions.” Tshileu founded a Boycott group in the village of Bakwa-Tshileu and advocated for social and tribal inclusion in his village. He spent his youth encouraging his peers and speaking of peace, human basic needs, and local political action. He is very passionate about making a positive change in communities where living conditions are really harsh. When not working, Samy enjoys playing soccer, cooking, dancing as well as traveling. 


In 2010, Tshileu left French school to go to an English program made possible by the Congo Village School Project, a non-profit organization with a mission to bring social change in rural villages. While in the project, he became a leader and played a major role in the well-being of the organization during the founder's absence. He spent most of his time delegating, taking care of the cows, and making sure that the project is running well. Due to his leadership duties, he never had much time to attend English school after being in the project. However, he found a way to learn most of his basic English at night, falling asleep while reading English books. 


Tshileu moved to the United States of America in 2014 with little English. Four years later, he completed obtained his High School Diploma from a college prep school, Portsmouth Christian Academy, where he received numerous academic awards over the years. 

In December of 2021, Tshileu completed his higher education at Plymouth State University and obtained his bachelor's degree in Political Science with a minor degree in Business Administration 

Tshileu’s inspiration for writing came from his life journey. He shares his story with others but gives all the glory to God as he has emphasized in his books. 

Tshileu publishes his first memoir, The Boy in Red Shorts,(2020), displaying obstacles and challenges dealt with while living in difficult environments in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. His second memoir, A New Men in A New Land, was published in the Fall of 2021 before his college graduation. 

Tshileu writes to inspire, empower and encourage positive change within one’s life.


  • The Boy in Red Shorts

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  • A New Man in A New Land

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