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A Long Life Journey

 A Long Life Journey (ALLJ) (also known as ALL Jesus) is an ongoing non-fiction series of memoirs, philosophy, and theological thoughts by Congolese author Samy Tshileu. A Long Life Journey novels are written either in the first or third person. Samy Tshileu utilizes his God given-gifts to inspire generations by sharing his life experiences and the challenges he has overcome through God's Grace. Samy Tshileu introduces thought-provoking new perspectives throughout his writing, which is centralized around the concept of pain, wealth, peace, hope, spirituality, hard work, and God. Samy Tshileu reflects on life to learn, grow and give thanks to God for what He has done, is doing, and continues to do in his life. In looking back, he came to find his purpose of serving the Lord in what he does. "God protected and watched over me to make sure that His plans for my life would be fulfilled. Every struggle I endured was preparation for God’s mission for my life. I will serve him to my last breath."

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The Boy in Red Shorts

The Boy in Red Shorts is a self reflection novel by Samy Tshileu that tells a true story of his life journey to America. It is a book about friendship, courage, and encouraging people to grow their dreams, by relying on God’s grace. It illustrates God’s power to change people’s lives. It gives people from developed countries a way to see how people in different parts of the world live their lives. And inspires people  in less developed countries to keep going, to achieve great things. Never give up is the message.

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A Man With a Plan

A Man With a Plan is a second self-reflection novel by Samy Tshileu that captures the true story of his life journey from the moment he landed on American soil to the moment where he obtained his college degree. It is a book about perseverance, commitment, and vision for the greater calling. He encourages people to endure what life throws at them while patiently waiting for the spirit of the Lord to point them in the right direction. 

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