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One Project at a time

“Resources are a must in order for a human to do anything.” I have provided the necessary information about myself, and some of my writings. I will continue to provide more information about my work, introduce and educate you about different cultures, religions, displaying living conditions across Africa, and give tips to and about success. Hopefully, these informational resources could help you in your journey toward personal growth, walk with God, and inspire you to be you. 

Just like many people, I have a lot of theological, philosophical, sociological and political, and other related questions that could bring clarity to events individuals have heard of, see happening, or anticipate happening in their lifetime. In addiction, I have countless simple questions such as "how to…” or “what is…” that could help individuals cope through life. I have and will continue to do research to find potential solutions and answers to the burning questions you might also have.

My memoir series (A Long Life Journey), which reveals my background and magnifies God’s work in my life, provides an encouragement to readers during challenging seasons. It is a must-read in order to understand my basic philosophy found in further writing. I utilize my God-given gifts and talents to make a difference. 


More answers to already posed questions can be found here.


Feel free to contact us if you have specific questions, comments,  issues, or topics that you would like to have addressed. Also, sign up for any of my upcoming online classes so that you won’t miss out. Blessing! 

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