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A Life-Saving project, providing clean water resources and improving education  

We believe Jesus provided us with living water to grow spiritually, and people need clean drinking water to grow physically, thrive, and survive.

Clean Water for Congo is a 501 (c)(3) faith-based non-profit organization in the process of developing clean sources of drinking water and improving education, and providing resources to help lift up the people of Lomami, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). 

About BIM
Our Work

Our Work 

D.R.C. holds over half of Africa’s water reserves. Yet, three-quarters of the population doesn’t have access to clean drinking water in a country of 92+ million people. 
Bakwa-Tshileu, a village of over 3000 people doesn't have any groundwater well.
People have to walk 16 kilometers (10 miles) round trip to collect 20 liters of water at a shared river. 

Clean Water for Congo provides clean water resources to improve life and education to prepare for the future. CWC is in its launching stage, collaborating with local chief leaders and reaching out to Congolese officials to combat water crises in rural villages of the Democratic Republic of Congo. CWC is raising funds to acquire the equipment needed to kickstart the drilling of groundwater wells in rural villages in Lomami. %100 of your donation will be used to drill groundwater wells and install pumps in communities in need.

What we believe

What we believe

Why water? 

Water is life! Clean water is a basic human need. It is needed for drinking, cooking, personal hygiene, etc. water keeps us alive. Without water, in three days our body starts to show signs of deterioration and dehydration.

Why education? 

Education is the future; without it, we’re lost. Clean Water for Congo aims to work with local schools to guide and provide useful and hands-on projects to improve creative thought and install critical thinking among not only the youth but among all involved. Education is for a better tomorrow and creativity is a must in order to find a way forward. Hopefully, this opportunity will enlighten children and adults in local areas of Lomami to stand up on their feet to support themselves and their families instead of relying on developed countries for help. 


  • Health—- By providing access to clean drinking water, Clean Water for Congo is impacting Congolese to survive and resist disease caused by unclean water. 

  • Time— groundwater wells are going to save lives and time every day of the year as people will no longer have to walk 16 kilometers round trip to collect 20 liters of water.

  • Education— Clean Water for Congo provides hands-on projects which allow girls and boys a chance to explore their God-given gifts and talents.

  • Empowerment—Clean Water for Congo empowers families to use the time a family or family members normally spend to collect 20 liters of water on doing something else for the well-being of the family.

  • Economy—-Clean Water for Congo encourages people to apply the knowledge and experience gain while in the project in the real world situation. CWC encourages families to work and provides a space for them to work.

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