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What is ALLJ, and why is it written?

The what question is straightforward but the why question requires your undivided attention for the provided knowledge to sink in.

A Long Life Journey (ALLJ) (also known as ALL JESUS) is a non-fiction series of memoirs, philosophy, and theological thoughts. In this series, I inspire my generation by sharing my life experiences and the challenges I overcame through God's Grace. I introduce thought-provoking new perspectives throughout the series, which is centralized around the concept of pain, wealth, peace, hope, spirituality, hard work, and God.

Most ALLJ’s novels are color coded with my picture or a place on the front cover connecting to the stories within the novel in some way. The cover of the series has a blended picture of myself at a mountain in America and a people under a hut in Bakwa-Tshileu in the Congo connecting to the stories within the series. A Long Life Journey asks genuine, rhetorical, passive, and active questions.

I first started writing to improve my English. But when my passion for playing football (soccer) at a professional level faded away, writing became something to fall back on. When I took a pause to look at my life journey, I noticed God’s hand on my life. He protected and watched over me to make sure that His plans for my life would be fulfilled.

In the present, I began to see a pattern in the issues I faced while living in the Congo (a less developed country as seen today) also happening in developed nations. The” haves” dictate and mislead people while those with power control and suppress the “have nots.” Meanwhile, real common life problems cripple communities while the attention of the leaders and those we look up to are mostly fixed on their agendas. I asked myself, “what can I do to positively impact my generation throughout the world?” From there, a thought came to mind. A warning without evidence is weightless. You asked Why I am writing this series? I reflect on life to learn, grow, and give thanks to God for what He has done, is doing, and continues to do in my life. In looking back, I came to find my purpose: serving the Lord. Stories within these novels are evidence of the harsh reality in less developed countries and global common life problems. The list is long. I am writing this series to inspire everyone to never lose hope, to ignite dreamers to think outside of the box, and to provide a message of encouragement. Most importantly, I am writing ALLJ to inform you of who I used to be, who I am, and my journey of meeting the unmet basic human needs in communities in need. In sharing these stories, I am magnifying God for who He is to me and providing values to assist you in your reality.

God Bless. Peace.

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