The Boy in Red Shorts 


Some immigrants come to America to live permanently. I came to learn, to grow, and to get a good education so that I could one day go back to my home country to make a difference. The Boy in Red Shorts is a true story of my life journey to America. It is a book about friendship, courage, and encouraging people to grow their dreams, by relying on God’s grace. It illustrates God’s power to change people’s lives. It gives people from developed countries a way to see how people in different parts of the world live their lives. And for people in less developed countries, I hope this book gives them the courage to keep going, to achieve great things. Never give up, for there is a God above, who is willing to help your dreams come true. The story of “The Boy in Red Shorts” does not end here.  The journey has just begun, and there is more climbing to do. 

Ten minutes mini documentry.