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I utilize my God-given gifts and talents to make a difference.

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Hire Me as your writer, content creator, motivational speaker, self-publisher assistant, or book designer.

I specialize in: 

  • Creating content based in African culture. 

  • Speaking at events organized by established organizations such as schools, churches, or business organizations.

  • Self-publishing, mostly for non-fiction and poetry.

  • I strive to meet the need of those I work with in every project I take on. 

  • I accept writing projects three months in advance and other project depends on the content

Invite Samy Tshileu to come speak 

I am an emotional writer and passionate motivational speaker. I talk about life, the value of education, the importance of positive thinking, encourage people to break out of the cage to speak life, and provide new perspectives and strategies derived from my life experience to inspire people to overcome challenges. I am available for the keynote speaker. I speak to provide you with the result you need and I am here to inspire you. If you are interested in having Samy Tshileu at your next event, fill out the form below.

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